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Standard Cylinder,Cylinder customization,parts machining,auto parts,cnc machining, machinery assemble,precision machined----Wuxi Pushang Precision Machinery limited Company is located in Binhu Economic Development Zone, around the beautiful scenery of Taihu Lake. Our Company specializes in machining assembling and testing of precision-machined components and provide long-term adequate ......


2019-7-29 Job Posting

2019-7-1 Double system construction to promot

2019-4-17 lue

2018-9-20 lue

2018-6-27 PUSHANG

2018-3-12 How to improve the quality of our pr

2017-8-3 machine manufacturing

2016-8-27 Mechanical processing

2016-4-8 Mechanical processing

2015-10-12 The new orders

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